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Univ 330 Wiper Centerfeed 2 Ply
Item Number: MSCMOL130211

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Tork Universal Wiper 330 is soft and non-abrasive providing protection to delicate surfaces. 2-Ply cellulose absorbs 4 times its weight. Tork Universal Wiper 330 is solvent resistant and long lasting offering faster and more effective wiping. This product contains 100% recycled fiber, no guaranteed level of post consumer fibers.  The new base sheet is embossed providing a few advantages over our current 330 product. Some of these advantages include faster absorption, improved hand feel and enhanced appearance. This new embossed product will begin shipping within the next 30 days as we begin to deplete our existing inventory.


Lifetime warranty except abuse or neglect

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Weight17.6 lbs

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