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Automatic Car Polisher
Item Number: BRE7778-P

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The automatic car polisher produces a consistent, high-quality polish on each vehicle. Car polishing is an ideal way to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Complete training and marketing tips are available to establish your detail center. The hydraulic system provides easy operation and minimum maintenance - allows fingertip adjustments for each polishing pad.


  • Buffs to a protective floss without streaks, swirls, or burn marks
  • Patented hydraulic-powered, air-controlled, (5) cloth-brush operation - as gentle as a hand's touch
  • Low maintenance aluminum frame
  • Lustre-Renu polish, specially formulated for the care of used car surfaces, cleans and smooths the painted surface and leaves a tough, high-gloss finish
  • Premier paint protector for new cars puts a chemically bonded layer of super-hard protection between a vehicle and the elements
  • One operator can turn over (25) perfectly polished vehicles per day
  • Installs as a drive-in/back-out or as a drive-thru


Thirteen (13) month parts & labor

Product Specification

Electrical Service15 hp motor, 60 amp, 3 phase, 208/230 or 460 volt
Compressed AirMinimum 80 p.s.i., 4 c.f.m.

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