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Eurovac Central Vacuum and Chemical Dispensing Detail Systems
Item Number: EUR-DETAIL

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Price: 1-855-298-2687

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Eurovac manufactures superior products designed to withstand even the most rigorous vehicle interior cleaning and detailing operations – day in, day out! And our experienced staff ensure that your layout is properly engineered for maximum efficiency.

Increase productivity and efficiency. Place vacuum and chemical dispensing detail drops exactly where you need them and eliminate the use of portables … which can often hinder production. Properly mixed and properly identified cleaning chemicals are all at your technicians’ fingertips.

Virtually eliminate breakdowns. High efficiency industrial-grade motors and superior filtration systems (built-in primary cyclonic preseparation located ahead of the final bag or cartridge filters) keep your Eurovac equipment up and running, and always ready for use.

Eliminate unsafe cords on the floor of your work areas. There are no cords to trip on, or to create potentially dangerous situations if there is water on the floor.

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