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Drain Plug Pro
Item Number: OTC5911A

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The OTC 5911A magnetically attaches to pre-loosened oil pan drain plugs so you can remove them without dropping and avoid getting burned with hot oil. The patented design provides universal application to hex heads. A flexible shaft can be used in virtually any location and still turn the plug as desired. An added feature of the 5911A is a removable magnetic end with 1/4" square drive. When removed, the drain plug pro becomes a flexible-shaft 1/4" bit driver. Use for sockets and bit holders to get into hard-to-reach places including under dashboards and in engine bays to remove bolts once loosened. Designed for repetitive daily use with a Lifetime warranty.


  • Removable magnetic head mounted on 1/4" square drive
  • 2 "pole" head design has near universal application to bolt designs
  • Remove drain plug without touching hot oil or hot plug
  • Flexible shaft enables user to turn bolts from virtually any position
  • No oil-soaked gloves
  • 1/4" square drive for sockets or bit holders


Limited Lifetime

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Shipping Weight0.23 lb.
Weight0.18 lb.
Dimensions10.1" × 0.8" × 0.8"

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