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14K Scissor Lift w/Locked and Lighted-Flush Mount
Item Number: 4814605LLFM

Supplied by JOHN BEAN (see all)



Scissor lifts are great for alignments because the vehicle's wheels are more accessible than with 4-post lifts. Scissor lifts also use less floor space. Five scissor lifts fits into the same operating space as four 4-post lifts!


  • Triple safety systems with air-actuated mechanical locks
  • Twin interlocking mechanical safeties with 18 level and locked positions
  • Large 72", flush-mount, full-floating rear slip plates that are virtually maintenance-free
  • Open access front-to-rear between runways
  • Two work steps with 8 positions, allowing easy access for under-hood services
  • A low-profile design with 50" approach ramps
  • Flush-mount models available
  • Integrated air kit for Roller Jacks and air tools
  • Meet current ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 standards


OEM Program Three (3) Year Parts and Labor.

Product Specification

Lifting Capacity14,000 lbs.
Width Between Runways38"
Two-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase182"
Maximum Raised Height62"
Operator Console Dimensions16.5"D x 14.125"W x 45.75"H
Lifting Time85 seconds
Four-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase155"
Overall Width92.5"
Shipping Weight5,793 lbs.
Service Wheelbase195"
Runway Surface Width26"
Overall Length238.625"
Runway Surface Length210"
Maximum Lowered Height0"
Power Requirements230V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz
Air Supply Requirements90-120 p.s.i.

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