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10K Surface-Mount Locked & Lighted Scissor Lift 265.375"L
Item Number: 4810605XLL

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John Bean Scissor Alignment Lifts are easy to operate, provide increased accessibility to alignment adjustment areas and are easy to load. Space saving design allows for up to five scissor lifts to fit into the same operating space as four 4-post lifts.

Locked and lighted models provide enhanced performance allowing the technician to perform critical tasks while minimizing alignment process operations, by illuminating both inspection and adjustment areas and by sequencing the locking of alignment plates.


  • Slip Plates- Durable, maintenance-free 72" slip plates glide on over-sized bearings, providing the range of motion needed to apply rear alignment corrections.
  • Multi-Safety System- Includes large twin-interlocking air-actuated mechanical safety locks featuring 18 level and locked positions and pressure sensing flow control valves.
  • Integrated Air Kit- Center runway mounted outlet allows clear access to operator controls.
  • Smooth Lifting- Reinforced ultra-high molecular weight slide blocks allow for smooth and uniform lifting.
  • Widest Runways- Long and wide runways allow for alignment service on a wide range of vehicle widths and wheelbases.
  • Base Frame- Full-length base frame allows for fast installation and increases structural integrity.
  • Approach Ramps- End sliders prevent damage to floors and are quieter than conventional metal rollers.
  • Work Steps- Can be positioned to eight different locations for easy access to under-hood and steering wheel adjustments.
  • True Task Lighting System 
    • Optimized positioning of rear tilting light bars increase the viewing angle and illuminate the widest range of vehicle track widths.
    • Front lights are mounted into the base of the turnplate and accommodate wider vehicles
  • Standard Locking Components
    • Turnplates and slip plates that can be pneumatically locked from the operator console
    • Ensures the proper amount of movement in all directions are always available to perform alignments.


  • Scissor Alignment Lifts provide Unmatched Productivity, performance, and value.


  • EELR503A Low-profile 5,000 lb. lifting capacity roller jacks for 10K Scissor Lifts.


  • EAK0289J06A Premium turntables (LxWxH) 18.5" x 19.7" x 2": 
  • JBC0102 Ramp extension kit 


OEM Program three (3) years on parts and labor

Product Specification

Max Capacity10,000 lbs.
Overall Width92.5"
Width Between Runways38"
Overall Length (Surface Mount)265.375"
Four-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase88" / 155"
Two-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase175"
Service Wheelbase189"
Runway Surface Length205.5"
Runway Surface Width26"
Max Raised Height72"
Max Lowered Height9"
Console Dimensions16.5"x14.125"x45.75"
Lifting Time85 seconds
Air Supply Requirments90-120 PSI
Power Requirements230V 1Ph 60Hz
Shipping Weight (Lock & Lighted)5,622 lbs.

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