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MH310 Pneumatic Bead Assist
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Pneumatic Bead Assist - for servicing stiff wall and / or low profile tires.


  • Wheel Centering Depressor
    • Provides downward pneumatic pressure on the wheel's center when clamping to move the tire bead away from the rim edge, assisting the technician through clamping
  • Pressure Roller
    • Pushes bead down, allowing the technician to position the tire tool in order to lift the bead over the mount/demount head
  • Bead Depressor
    • Follows the tire as it rotates, positioning the bead in the wheel's drop center for faster, easier tire mounting
  • Power Lifting Disc
    • Lifts tire up and off the wheel flange, reducing the effort of demounting the lower bead


90 Days

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