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Pre-Configured Modular Drawer Cabinet with 13 Drawers, Fork Truck Base
Item Number: BGH3068F13BL

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Modular drawer cabinets are the perfect solution for the efficient storage of your small to mid-sized products and can pay for themselves by reducing your storage footprint by up to 60%, cutting parts retrieval times in half, improving parts organization, and adding security for increased loss prevention.


  • Space saving - i.e. Products stored on 2-1/2 sections of shelving will fit inside 1 eye lever modular drawer cabinet - that's an estimated storage reduction of 60%
  • Efficiency - Create compartments that resemble the actual cubic space requirements of the part being stored
  • Flexibility - Multiple cabinets can attach side-to-side, back-to-back, and are designed to be stacked up to (5) units high. In addition they are adjustable as the application changes, and can be relocated, fully-loaded
  • Accessibility - Drawers are ergonomically engineered to provide the best human reach points
  • Organization - Drawer interiors are sub-divided into compartments and can be labeled. Compartments eliminate the need for cartons and plastic bins
  • Security - Drawers can be closed and locked, preventing unauthorized entry. Stored product remains free from dirt and damage
  • Drawers extend 110% from the cabinet housing and feature a full load capacity of 400 lbs. Their progressive action results in the smoothest operation
  • Partitions and adjustable dividers make organization easy and convenient for various size parts, tools, or a a variety of other items needing to be stored safely and securely
  • Ergonomic Handles are flush with housing, full-width, and are located at the top of each drawer.  Handle labels fit through a slot in the right end cap and drop into location pocket to hold in position
  • Cutting edge suspension technology provides superior drawer cyclic performance.  Auto safety clips lock suspension to drawer, preventing accidental release. No fasteners required for assembly, or tools for drawer removal
  • Typical housing accepts various drawer configurations, latching systems, and is designed to accommodate shelving. Each cabinet features pre-punched anchoring holes. House is designed for a 12,500 lb. stacking capacity and a 7,500 lb lifting capacity.
  • With the purchase of multiple cabinets, drawer locks can be keyed alike upon request
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in Blue, Industrial Gray, Mist Gray, Pebble, Red, Black, or White - Must specify color at time of order


  • 13 Drawers
    • 2-1/4" deep, 30 compartments, qty 4
    • 3-1/16" deep, 20 compartments, qty 4
    • 3-7/8" deep, 16 compartments, qty 4
    • 5-7/16" deep, 9 compartments, qty 1
  • Factory installed partitions and adjustable dividers
  • Drawer lock
  • Fork truck base
  • Hardware kit for anchoring, for tying multiple cabinets together, and includes plastic plugs to hide mounting holes


Limited Lifetime

Product Specification

Drawer Capacity400 lbs.
Dimensions30"W x 29-1/4"D x 59"H
Weight670 lbs.

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