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14K Short Bay Scissor Alignment Flush Mount
Item Number: EELR588A

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John Bean Scissor Alignment Lifts are easy to operate, provide increased accessibility to alignment adjustment areas and are easy to load. Space saving design allows for up to five scissor lifts to fit into the same operating space as four 4-post lifts.


  • 14,000 lb. lifting capacity
  • Open front and rear access between lifting platforms
  • Low profile height with long approach ramps easing drive on
  • Wide drive on runway platforms improves ease of vehicle positioning
  • Recessed front turn plate pockets and full floating rear slip plates give a uniform surface for alignment
  • Maintenance reduced rear slip plates use oversized encapsulated bearings, roll upward protected from environment debris
  • Re-enforced scissor / base structure and runway platforms improves alignment accuracy
  • Multi-position work step provides comfortable under hood access
  • 4 hydraulic cylinders, cross aligned arrangement provides secure lift power and added safety
  • Contained top and bottom durable steel re-enforced glide blocks deliver smooth lift operation
  • Up to 18, level locking locations improves ergonomic working positions
  • Approach ramps are equipped with end sliders minimizing noise and reducing floor damage
  • Adjustable maximum lift height, suiting locations with low ceilings
  • Safety systems include:
    • Mechanical locking with pneumatic safety lock release form control console
    • Flow sensing valves in hydraulic control circuit
    • Redundant hydraulic safety system with cross aligned hydraulic circuits
    • Integrated hydraulic fuse protection, preventing inadvertent lowering in the event of a hydraulic line leak
    • Lock pins to secure against slip plate movement when loading/unloading vehicles
    • Wheel chocks, front wheel stops and self-activating rear wheel stop preventing roll offs
  • Integrated air kit allows unrestricted clear access for operation of rolling jacks
  • On-board FRL; (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator) provides clean and lubricated air, reducing maintenance and protecting pneumatic
  • All models have been tested and validated by an independent third party to the ANSI/ALI automotive lift standard, ALCTV-2011


One year

Product Specification

Maximum Capacity14,000 lbs. (6350 kg)
Overall Width (minimum / maximum)92-1/2" (2350 mm) - 94-1/2" (2400 mm)
Overall Length222.38" (5648 mm)
Maximum Raised Height62" (1575 mm)
Minimum Lowered Height0"
Runway Width26" (660 mm)
Width Between Runways38" (965 mm) - 40" (1016 mm)
Four-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase88" (2235 mm) - 155" (3937 mm)
Two-Wheel Alignment Wheelbaseup to 165" (4191 mm)
General Service Wheelbaseup to 179" (4547 mm)
Lift Time (based on full load)75 - 85 seconds
Power Rating (at the lift)230V, 1Ph, 60Hz, 20A
Maximum Operating Pressure4600 PSI (31.7 MPa)
Pneumatic Filtration Oil TypeSnap-on # IM6 or Equivalent
Hydaulic Oil CapacityTank Size: 4.0 gal. (15L) / Lift Capacity: 6.0 gal. (22.7L)
Hydraulic Oil TypeISO 32 (10 weight) hydraulic oil
Console Dimensions16-1/2" x 14-1/8" x 45-3/4" (419 x 359 x 1162 mm)

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