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ECO NEXT ONE HFO-1234yf A/C Recycling Service Station
Item Number: EEAC830B

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NOTE: For Maserati dealers only. Does not produce warranty codes required for Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep and RAM warranty repairs.


ECO NEXT ONE Hybrid R1234yf A/C Recycling Service Station with integrated gas analyzer to detect the quality of the refrigerant in order to prevent contamination.


  • Fully automatic operations with automatic service valves, meaning operator intervention is not required after the connection of hoses to the vehicle and the start of the procedure
  • Equipped with integrated gas analyzer to detect the quality of the refrigerant in order to prevent contamination
  • Status light provides immediate information about the workflow status from a far distance allowing the technicians to monitor the operation while performing different activities
  • Large 5” touch screen display with intuitive and user-friendly interface software
  • Integrated thermal printer conveniently issues a report for customers with the service information
  • Automatic discharge of non-condensable gas purge
  • Hybrid function allows for services on hybrid vehicles
  • U.S. Vehicle Database included
  • Clear and visible window for vacuum pump oil level check
  • Practical cap for an easy vacuum pump oil refill
  • Long service hoses and two large side pockets for storage
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Quick setup


  • EEAC330-23B Filter Dryer
  • EEAC333-35 O2 Sensor
  • EEAC333-8 Gas Analyzer Filter
  • AEK102-N21 Flush Tank
  • EAK102-N21-3 R134a Flush Adapters
  • ACT71-0A Vacuum Pump Oil
  • EEAC331-20 Printer Paper


One year

Product Specification

Voltage110V 60 Hz
Vacuum Pump 100 L/min (3,5CFM) mbar
Tank Scale Resolution10 gr
Working Temperature 10/50 ˚C
Refrigerant Tank30 lbs.
Hoses3 meters
Service ValvesManual
Display5" Color Touchscreen
Leak Check in VacuumStandard
Flushing KitOptional
Bottle HeaterStandard
Non-Condensable Gas PurgeAutomatic
Status LightStandard
Dimensions43" x 26" x 28"
Weight180 lbs.
Gas AnalyzerStandard

Invisible Button